Does a vegetarian bodybuilding diet good? What is the best app for bodybuilding diet?

Hi, everyone! I have a question for you, guys. Can you help me out? I am trying to keep my body in form and to lose some pounds. I’ve tried a lot of different diets, but nothing helped me the way I wanted. The results were not so amazing, as I expected. But I decided not to stop and continue looking for my ideal diet. A few days ago I found a ‘vegetarian bodybuilding diet’ and I’ve been thinking about trying it out. Have you heard something about it? Tell me all the information you know. Is it good? Is it worth trying? And, also, do you know any apps for bodybuilding diet? I’m waiting on your replies. Thanks!


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Hi, Alina! Vegetarian diet for bodybuilding might seem weird as we all are taught that meat is the most important ingredient that helps us to grow muscles. However, it is not absolutely correct. Following some rules, you can be fit and strong and make progress in building muscles even on a vegetarian diet.
It is all about right nutrients. And getting enough calories from your daily meals. When you have calories deficit your body starts to use protein to give you some energies. Your muscles are not happy in this case.

Say yes to more fruits and vegetables. They will feed you and make your immune system stronger. Chickpeas and legumes are great for you, change your usual rice to quinoa. Quinoa contains more protein!
Other important sources of protein are soy or egg white powders. Try to say no to every kind of processed food. Focus on whole grains and nuts. As to the training duration… it is better to make your time in the gym shorter but more intensive.

Make the variety of your daily food richer to get more important nutrients. Consider tempeh and tofu as wonderful protein sources. The vegetarians that consume eggs and dairy products get more benefits from their diet. Lacto-ovo vegetarian diet is my favorite. I find it the wisest choice. IMHO. I do not need any meat if there is some cottage cheese, omelets or yogurts in my menu. What about you? It is so much easier to grow muscles with these natural protein treasures! Hope I can convince you at some point.

Fatty acids are great, no worries that you cannot consume omega-3 from fish oil, you can easily replace it with flaxseed one.
Walnuts and peanut butter are super important. add it to your smoothie, morning porridge, or just make a banana snack richer in taste. It’s really delicious.

If you say no to meat your body surely lacks iron. Iron supplements will solve this issue. Fresh broccoli and spinach will be a great source of calcium. You need to be in a good mood, protect yourself from the bad influence of discouraging people. Eat more often in general. Consider taking branch chain amino acids.
Good luck dear! Please take care of yourself. Let us know about your success.

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