Does eating a banana in the morning good when you on the diet?

Hello, my name is Jane. I always wanted to make for myself a high diet. I started to look for some information on the internet, and I came across one article. It says that you should begin your morning with a healthy dishes and a banana would be a great alternative to a toast with Nutella. And here what I’ve thought about: is it okay for health to eat a banana in the morning? Does it give you a splash of energy? Or I should eat something else instead? It is a fundamental question to me because I’m working all day long and the only time I can eat adequately is morning time, so that’s essential for me to have a healthy, nutritional breakfast. Can you give me some ideas for some dishes, which I can cook in the mornings and which contains banana? I would appreciate your feedback, thanks!

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Hello darling!

Here is my answer. Eating banana early in the morning is the best time for it. Bananas are actually very nutritional, but also rich at calories. Bananas are one of those fruits that are advised against slimming.

So I would advise you a banana spinach smoothie or fruit salad. It is the only option. If you want something more, then try eating oatmeal with something else. Smoothie is very easy to make, just mix everything. And speaking about salad, just add mango, pineapple, bananas, and strawberry. Mix it and enjoy. Do not use any sauce. 

Please, stay healthy!

Hello, Jane! Banana is surely one of the most popular healthy meals on the go. You do not have time for cooking much so it is a perfect breakfast. I really believe fruit is good to eat on the empty stomach, but can we trust the fruit from our supermarket? Chemicals are the main reason why it is not advised to start your day with a fruit meal. Combine it with porridge or make a toast with whole-grain bread, add some nuts and honey on top, peanut butter will go perfectly to the mixture. May your morning be nice and yummy. Take care, please.

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