Does Kelsey Wells do cardio? Can I have beautiful body without cardio?c

Hello! I find information about Kelsey Wells. In particularly information about her workouts and exercises.

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Hi! I’m not sure that Kelsey was doing cardio because I didn’t find that information. I only know that she spent one and a half years doing BBG training (Bikini Body Guide). But I can say that cardio is not the only way! You can lose body fat without cardio. Creating more muscle and eating fewer calories also helps you to lose weight. So, it’s OK to skip the treadmill when you’re aiming for a fat loss, but you’ll still need to put time at the gym on the strength-training floor, as well as modify your diet.

Hello.Would you like this woman ?In my opinion,she is wonderful.As I know,she does cardio for 1 half 3 times a week.She said that It great to keep her body feet.I am sure she is alright.

Hey, Anna Patrick! Thanks for the question. I read a lot articles about Kelsey Wells, so I think I can help you.
In one of her interviews Kelsey said, that she often works with her PWR training. It can help you to increase means muscles and your overall strength. Her training includes in yourself about 3-4 phases. To them we can include Activation, Pyramid training, Supersets and Burnout phase, but the last one is optional. In this program you can find also cardio exercises. You need to understand, that you cannot do this program at home, because it includes the use of a lot of equipments. This full training will take from you just around 40 minutes.
About your second question, the answer is yes. But you need to remember, that if you won’t do the cardio exercises, it will take much longer for you to lose excess weight.

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