Does low carb diet permitts chocolate? How to eat it without harm?

Good day everyone, my name is Mary, and I am 24. I need some of your help with my friend’s diet. See, she is a sweet tooth, and she is sticking to a low carb diet now. It’s tough for her to stay and not to eat forbidden products. She has read on some websites that it is possible to eat a little amount of chocolate during this diet and she asked me whether it’s true or not and now I am asking you. Give me please detailed information about this question, please! Thank you very much.

1 Answers

Hi Marry. As I know dark chocolate is not forbbiden on this diet. There is a list of sweets which are allowed to eat while keeping the diet. Among these sweets are honey,granola bar,fruit jell and dark chocolate. White and milk chocolate are definitely forbidden but you should not say no to dark chocolate. You can allow yourself to eat a piece of dark chocate while drinking a tea in the morning. Nowadays, you can also find the chocolate without sugar in the supermarket. Futhermore, I have seen dark low carb chocolate which was created special for this type of the diet.
So, you cat eat the small piece of chocolate and dont worry that you break you low carb diet.

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