Does the paleo diet exclude any kinds of chocolate consumption?

Good day, everybody, my name is Silva, and I am 24. I hope that you will help me to find some answers to my question. See, I am doing diet research at the moment, and it is about the paleo diet, it’s pros and cons and some cheats during it. My central question is: does this diet allow to eat dark chocolate?
Will it be an enormous problem or not? How much chocolate can I eat per week? At what time of the day?
I heard that it is the best to eat it in the morning till 9 o’clock. Is it true?
What caloric content has the dark chocolate? Does the paleo diet exclude any kinds of chocolate consumption? What amount is not harmful to the body? What sweet but dietetic products can I eat while paleo dieting? Can I make non-caloric chocolate cakes at home? What easy dietetic receipts can you suggest for me?
Looking forward to your answers!

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Hello, Silva! Love your chocolate question. The good news is YES. You can eat dark chocolate during your Paleo dieting time. Seems weird, right? It`s hard to imagine the chocolate eating scene in the epoch this diet was named after ahha. But the truth is cacao has so many benefits to our brain and body that it is a sin not to allow it in our healthy diet. The darker the better. My chocolate bar I`m opening now contains 96% of cacao. Do not envy me, good luck 🙂

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