Does the chocolate diet really work? Or is it just a dream?

Welcome everyone, I need to ask you something. It doesn’t mean that I am going to use that diet or something else, but I want to know whether it is true or not (maybe, in the future I will try it, who knows?). So, does real chocolate diet exist? Does it help you to lose weight or to stay in a good mood? What are the primary requirements for it? How much and how often do you have to eat chocolate and what are the other products on your menu? Do you have to do a sport? How much can you lose on this diet? Thanks for the forthcoming answers!

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hello there fellow user!

This is actually a cool question! Personally,I think such diet plan literally can not exist in this world . To me it sounds a little bit ridiculous, doesn’t it?
I mean, even a 6 years old child knows that chocolate is full of carbs and sweeteners (so bad for your general health system ).Many dietologists suggest eating only one piece of dark chocolate per day, but then, you are here asking about the whole DIET consisting of it? Where could you even find such ideas?

Not only will you gain some extra lbs,but you will also put yourself in a cavities risk group.

In addition to all of that,the good mood?Are you even serious? Sugar is one of the most notoriously all-accessible drug in entire human history.You know, it actually makes you feel not only lazy and depressed, but you might also find yourself roaming through supermarket rows in search of things that will fulfill your sever withdrawal.

My only advice for you would be to watch film ”Sugar”. Believe it or not,it might change your life..

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