Does yoga exercises increase height? What asanas can help me to be taller?

Hi there! I am still searching for some information about yoga.
I have a little hang-up about being short since my school years, so I want to do something with it. Recently somewhere I heard, that yoga exercises increase height.

Can yoga make me taller? How long should I do it to grow up on 10 centimetres?
Which exercises should I do to increase my height? What asanas are the most effective?
How many times during a week should I repeat these exercises? Or maybe you know any other ways to make me taller?;)
I will be very grateful for any sort of information.

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Hello! Use these asanas for increasing height:


The exercise involves stretching all the body muscles from head to toe. This elongation generates posture pressure in all body parts which facilitates the production of the growth hormone.

Vriksh Asana

The tree pose works wonders in increasing height. When the leg is folded and placed over the other thigh, the entire weight is borne by the second leg. This helps in strengthening your muscles. Further, when the neck is flexed upwards, the pituitary gland (responsible for producing the growth hormone) gets activated.

Sarvang Asana and Head stand

Together referred to as Shirshasana, both the poses involve inversion against gravity. This exerts direct pressure on the pituitary gland.

Ustra Asana

Also known as the Camel Pose, it involves the backward bending of the neck which triggers the master (pituitary) gland. People who suffer from fluctuating blood pressureor have back injuries should avoid this pose.

If nature does not endow you with high growth, and you want to stretch out your body a little, adding 2-3 centimetres, you should start doing yoga. It really helps to grow, although it seems strange. What about 10 cm, I am not sure it will help you. Doing yoga exercises, you will stretch your spine and muscles, and correct posture, thus increasing your height by 3 centimetres, well, let even 5, but not 10! The main thing to do is regularly – up to five times a week, and doing it is recommended in the morning. After sleep, the muscles and other tissues of the human body are more pliable.

There are some asanas I want to perform:

  1.  The  asana cobra
    For this asana, you need to take a position as if you are planning to do pushing-ups. Focus on your knees and lower your hips until you reach the floor. Straighten your legs and start stretching your head up, looking in front of you.
    The back should be bent, lining the chest with a wheel, and pull the pelvis down. After 5-6 cycles of breathing, return to the primary position and repeat two more times.
  2. A pose of a pigeon
    We accept a position as if we will be pushing-up. Focus on the knees and hips, and one leg bend in the knee in front of him. Hands stretch upward and slightly deviate back, maintaining balance and not falling down. After 30-40 seconds we relax and change hands-feet.
  3. A pose of a bridge
    This exercise for growth is carried out from a lying position. We lay on our backs, bend our legs and stretch our upper limbs along the trunk. Raise the hips with the lower back and fix the legs at right angles to the floor. We close our fingers in the lock and pull the belly up and slightly forward. After 20-30 seconds we relax and fall to the floor.
  4. A pose of the warrior
    We accept the position of Tadasana, that is, we become exactly straight. We step back with our left foot and unfold the foot approximately 30 degrees. The toe of the right leg remains straight. Well strain the berry and bend the right knee so that it is strictly above the heel. The left leg is stretched, and the body does not deviate from the vertical. Hands palm up and stay for 30 seconds, and then change the setting of the legs, without lowering his hands.

Regular performance of this yoga set,  increases the growth for a few centimetres, but you have to go all out, otherwise, the result cannot be achieved.


What I can say…of course, yoga can increase height and I also have such a problem. So here I am sharing with you my favorite poses. Let’s arrange that I will not give some titles. Just explain how to make it. These growth exercises cause stretching of the body. After a systematic and quite long period of exercise, you can see a few millimeters more.

From overhang with knees bent – we tie fingers on the stick, straighten our hands and we bend our knees and now we lean apart and extend our chest forward. Exercise this way for 3 minutes, after each minute make 30 seconds of pauses jumping to the ground and relaxing.
From the overhang with straight legs – we perform this exercise identically as in the first point, but we do not bend the legs in the knees, but leave them freely left.
Overhang – we grab on the stick and leave the body down freely. We relax and endure for 3 minutes without a break, we do nothing but hang.
Overhang upside down – hang on the stick head down hooks on the shanks. We count to 10 and we return to the floor. Exercises are repeated 20 times.
Between obstacles – we lie on the floor between two obstacles, on one hand, we catch our feet and with the other, we grab our hands. Arms and legs straight. Now we stretch for 3 minutes, every 30 minutes we pause and relax.
Head to the knees – we sit on the floor, legs straight, and now we try to lean so that the head touches the knees and the place at the fingertips. We make 100 repetitions.

Hope these poses will help you.

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