How bad is milk and dark chocolate for the diet?

Good day everyone, my name is Wendy, I am 21 and I am looking forward to some help from you. Actually, I think that I look perfect now, that I keep myself in excellent shape, but still some questions about sweet and junk food continues to disturb me. The worst one is about chocolate. Due to the fact, I like it the most, and it is very hard for me to avoid it fully.
Well, how bad is chocolate for your diet? How many calories does it contain on average? With what can I replace it if needed? What quantity of fats and carbs do the milk and dark chocolate consist of? What amount can I consume per week? Can be chocolate dietetic sweeties done at home? What products do I need to have?
Is it worth eating only dark chocolate during the diet? Does the milk one is more harmful? What item can I eat not to gain extra pounds on my waist?

I am waiting for the reply) Thanks for your answers!

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Good day, mate! This one is a pretty good question…I have actually some ideas on this that might as well help you:
1.The key point here would be to stick to your goal. No matter what happens, please, do not even think about giving up. Always remember to keep your priorities straight and be willing to work harder.
2. Start something like a bullet journal.The first thing you should write in it is how many sweets ( especially chocolate) your mind begs you to consume per day.Then try to cut the amount of mentioned about cravings.Each time you feel like eating a candy bar or another sugarcoated thing, go for some fruits or vegetables.You could also do so by replacing every thought of chocolate with doing some physical exercise or meditation? Believe me or not, it sure helps you…
3. Watch some documentaries about sugar and junk/fast food.Those might definitely make you reconsider giving suvh ”treatments” to your body.
4. Last but not least, always look for calories table on the product you buy.For instance, an average Twix bar will cost you about 284 kCal per one serving.

I will root for you! Make sure to make up your mind as soon as possible.
You go, girl!!

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