How bad is rice for my diet? Should i avoid it?

Hello everybody, my name is Lorry, I’m 26 and I searching for some answers to these questions – is rice bad for diet? Actually, I like rice and so on but I’ve seen many bad reviews about it’s consuming and it’s causing problems for your body. Is it true or not? Is rice useful even not on diets? Maybe we can eat it but in small portions? And why is it so unhealthy? I have always thought that rice is one of the best food. So, what is true? Thank you very much for your answers and your help!

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Dear Lorry. There are two types of rice : white and brow rice. If to distinguish between these types I can say that brown rice is healthier and more useful while keeping on the diet. Brown rice contains more useful stuff and has less calories in comparison with white rice. Moreover, nutritionists dont recommend to eat white rice very ofen due to its calorific value. But i have not heard that rice can cause some problems for health. Personally, I really like white rice but I try not to eat it very ofen and use more brown rice. There is only 1 fact that brown rice have only 30 days of tenability after opening and you should maintain it always in the closed box.

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