How can I calculate body fat percentage using fitbit devises?

Hi everyone! I have always known, that if you care about your health, you should track your weight. But a couple of days ago I read, that it’s not enough just to weight yourself. Also, we must care about the fat percentage in our body.

The article says, that a fat percentage rate in a woman’s body should be within this limits:

  • age up to 3 years – 15-23%;
  • age 3o-5o years – 19-25%;
  • age from 5 to 2–27%.

But how can I do this? Can I use Fitbit devices to solve this problem? Then if so, what should I buy, to receive the best result. Because there is a lot of different staff presented by this company.

The main product line of the company includes bracelets – fitness trackers (smart bracelets), and a “smart” Wi-Fi scales.

I found that a characteristic feature of the products is that they have wireless modules. These modules allow you to synchronize your device through a laptop or smartphone with the cloud. Thanks to this, the user’s physical activity of Fitbit devices is available to his friends. Information can also be received and analyzed on different devices (smartphone app, web browser) with access to the Internet.

Can you give me some piece of advice? Is it worth to buy?

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Hi again, Eva!
It is very important to realize what is your weight consists of. The fat percentage is the most valuable when you are involved in sports. I recommend to you to read article about Top 6 Amazon Fat Calculating Equipment. It contains information about equipment that can help you to calculate body fat percentage.
I think, there are the most popular and reliable devices all over the internet cause the information is posted on Amazon and also confirmed by this sites specialists. When you use these devices you will understand that your weight isn’t perfect at all. You will be able to monitor your results and see, for example: “today I burn off so much of fat!”. It can also track the percentage of water in your body.
You can change your diet every day and calculate how much of fat left. It can help you to build nutrition and get a lot of benefits for yourself by doing it. Scales can actually determine percentage of fat based on the fact that adipose and muscle tissues have different electrical conductivity. Of course, there is an error. The result may be affected by the amount of fluid you drink. Try to drink less before weighing! But if you start to exercise regularly, then the scales show less percentage of fat. I know it from my own experience.
There is also measured skin corrosion resistance (note the metal contact plates). In this processor will have to enter the height and gender (the weight it measures itself), report data about the structure of the body. It can help to correctly calculate percentage of fat in your body.
I hope my explanation will help you to calculate percentage of fat and choose the right equipment. Good luck!

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