How to gain muscle mass during the keto diet?

Hello everybody, my name is Silva and I really want to get some answers for my question – I and my best friend really want to gain muscle on a keto diet so that we won’t look too skinny. We want to be in perfect shape have toned up muscles. S0, we know that it is not the simplest goal to achieve but still – we think that it is possible. We want to get as more information as you can find, including the special meal for day or week, exercises that we should do (performed at the gym, with needed equipment) and maybe additional pieces of advice.
So, what is the best way to gain muscles on the keto diet? Do we have to do weight exercises? What do we need to eat to increase the muscle mass? What set of exercises should we do to pump up all the body?  What products do we have to eat to increase the protein amount in the body? How many proteins should be eaten for the fast building of the muscle tissues? What types of workouts we have to be done for this aim?
Thanks for your help!

1 Answers

Hey there! Building muscles are all about proteins but carbs are important as a source of energy to train. That is why lots of people are suspicious about the fact that we can actually grow muscles while on keto dieting. The fact is, if you train correctly, eat enough proteins and healthy fats (the source of energy in your case instead of carbs) you will have your muscles sexier very soon without quitting keto diet. It is not just a bare talking, Silva. Studies were done, even a month on keto diet didn`t affect athletes performances. I was really impressed by these facts, check it out if you want. Good luck in growing your muscles mass!

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