How to maintain weight after keto diet?

Greetings everybody, I am Medina, and I have one interesting question for you, based on the keto diet. Actually, I had already finished this diet a few days ago, but I guess that I have lost a bit more than I expected (yes-yes, surprisingly). Now I want to maintain my weight in order not to look too skinny and to feel well. I also know that after keto diet there must be special diet so I won’t harm myself, and my question is – is there a menu which I can maintain my weight with? Will it be healthy for my body?
What tips should I follow to maintain my present weight after keto dieting? What products have I to exclude from my everyday ration and generally forever?
Need I repeat the keto diet after some time?  What foods are the most recommended to eat? What tips have I to follow not to gain the lost weight? Do I need to start doing sports for constant weight? What else should I do to keep my present body shape?
Thank you very much for your help!

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Hey Medina, congratulations on your successful and beautiful achievements, I`m proud of you. All you need is to maintain your result after keto diet. There are some tips. First of all, do not give up keto! You say you felt fine during the period and experts assure that it is a long-term diet so why to change your routine completely? Just enrich it with more food you like and keep being healthy and fit! You`ve lost your extra weight, time to make muscles sexier – add more proteins to your daily calories plan. Low-carb Paleo diet is another option for you now, why not? I`m sure you missed more variety of veggies and fruit. And finally, consider intermittent fasting. Good luck!

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