How can I sweeten the coffee during the keto diet?

Welcome everybody, I am Mary. My best friend is currently following the keto diet, and I am helping her to deal with it. I guess, the main problem is that we like coffee very much and we drink it often enough. I do this nearly three-four times per week, and when I can add some sugar to it, so the taste isn’t so awful. My friend can’t add, and she struggles because of this.
Maybe you know some variants how to sweeten coffee without harm for keto diet? What non-sugar sweetens can you suggest? Are they really safe for health? Does it have the same taste as sugar? How many calories, fats and carb does the non-sugar sweetens contains? Does that non-sugar sweetens really can cause cancer? What can we replace the sugar with during the keto diet?
Thank you for your help!

1 Answers

Hey there! It is hard to give up sweets indeed. Luckily there are some tricks to make our coffee taste better without feeling guilty especially when we are on a keto diet. Mary, you can really help your friend with this list of sweeteners. Sugar leaf herb stevia is available in powder, drops etc, Erythritol, Monk fruit, Xylitol or any other sugar alcohol, Yacon syrup, inulin-based sweetener “Just Like Sugar”, Tagatose etc. P.S. I love sweets but never sweeten my coffee, it has to be bitter.

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