How can the right of a child to nutrition be protected?

Hi everyone! Today I have a very important topic, which sounds like ‘how can a child’s right to be protected?’ Actually, we all have a right to eat, to breathe, to live. But not every parent understands that. Some parents are just thinking about themselves, not about their child. And that’s so scary! Sometimes, looking through the photos of the kids from Africa, I can not stop crying because they are dying from the famine every day! And we have to do something about it. What do you think is the best we can do in this situation? How can we protect children’s right to nutrition? Let’s do something!

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I often think about it. Available, accessible, stable and healthy food are the key points when we talk about right for food, the children’s one in particular. The culture of balanced diet is vitally important because this is how children grow and develop both physically and mentally. Food security is what developed countries should be proud of and the developing ones must reach. We are living in the age where malnutrition is a shame. Unfortunately, it exists…

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