How do fitness trackers measure distance and body parameters?

Hello, my name is John, and I am 28 years old. I am crazy about sport; I have been doing different sports since my childhood. Now everyone buys fitness trackers. I’m also interested in it, so I started to look for a good gadget. But I still have some questions. How does fitness tracker measure distance? Running is an important part of my workout, so I want to know whether the measurements will be right.

Is fitness tracker really so useful device as many people tell? How does fitness tracker measure the human body parameters? Does this fitness device work in any weather conditions? In what way does this gadget charge? What is the fitness tracker really good for?

Hope you will explain to me its advantages, thank you very much!

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Hi, John! The fitness tracker is a real treasure, even the cheapest models are quite helpful in improving our healthy lifestyle. The very fact it is always on your wrists serves as a good reminder to keep fit. Do you have any model you like after your research? How much are you going to spend on your gadget? Consider the accelerometer with 3-axis, it is able to measure directions. An altimeter is great if you love mountain trips. Counting calories is complicated, apart from the number of steps you walked, your body parameters are taken into account. Weight, age, heart rate, height etc.  Good luck, let us know about your choice!

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