Does Jen Selter drink protein shakes? What is her nutrition plan?

I’m following on Jen Selter on Instagram. And I’m interested, how fast she makes her body fit? Does she drink some protein cocktails?
The first source, where did I find out about this beautiful girl, was your post about Jen Selter training program for pumped buttocks. There I saw some pictures, that motivated me to have the same incredibly toned body. Recently, I have started my workouts, but now it is interesting to me the information about star nutrition.
What is Jen Selter everyday nutrition? Does she drink protein shakes? What is her nutrition plan? How many times per day does the fitness model eat to keep the body slim? What products are better to eat to pump up the muscles fastly? How many times per day does the star eat? What is her most favourite fitness dish? How many carbohydrates, fats and calories are in Jen daily intake? Where to find an information about her fitness recipes for weight loss? What is better to eat before and after training? How many times per week do I need to train to have the body shape like Jen Selter?
I am sure that there are many Hollywood stars that can envy her of an ideal form!

I hope you will answer my questions because it is worth for me to know all about Jen Selter nutrition, to have such a beautiful body like she!!!

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In one of her interviews Jen personally said, that if you need to get your protein in for the day, a protein shake is the best choice that you can make on the go. You can mix some protein powder in with water in a shaker bottle, or in pre-make smoothie bags, so you can throw the ingredients in a blender, add milk or water, blend it and go!

You can never be 100% sure about this kind of girls and their dieting, but it seems to me that there was some info on the internet about her launching a protein bar line

Hello.I’ve been following Jen for the year too. I don’t think she gets the protein because she had been working out for a long time. As a result, she has a beautiful body. If everyone were in her shoes, they would look similar. It just needs a lot of work and power at the gym.

Yes, she does. She has told about it in many interviews and on her social networking accounts. She says that she cannot call herself a bodybuilder, but she consume protein powder with oats and protein bar or protein shake between lunch and dinner. As she thinks, it is the perfect snack to reboot energy.

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