Could you provide with nutrition plan of keto diet for men?

Hey, good day everybody, my name is Silva, and I am looking forward to your help. It is not for me; it is for the man that I am currently dating. Silly situation – he wants to lose weight with the ketogenic diet but refuses to go to the nutritionist (he thinks that will hurt his pride and so on). He likes starchy vegetables. Actually, weight loss is not his current aim. He wants to gain muscle mass. Though fat diets won’t suit him. I think it’s completely possible to achieve this goal with the help of this fat burning meal planning. But first of all, I want to ask you for help with this question. I’m currently interested in carb diets, namely the following:

So, please, give us some information here – what is a keto diet for men? What are the primary requirements for it? How long do you have to stick to it? What about carb intake? How many grams of carbs do the diet have? What about coconut oil, olive oil, bell pepper? Does the keto meal plan for men have a difference to the girl one? How much is it different from women plan? How long does the ketogenic diet last? Does it have side effects?

How much weight can be lost while keto dieting for a month? What are the main principles of keto friendly nutrition plan? What products are not allowed to eat for type 2 diabetes, heart disease, while intermittent fasting? Can you give me an example of the ketosis menu for a month? What amount of calories does this diet provide to eat per day? What is the keto diet nutrition plan for men to gain muscles?

I’m looking forward to your answers. Share your experience, if you have some. Thanks for your help!

Which is the keto diet for men?

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Hello there! How kind of you helping your man to improve 🙂
Keto diet is easy to follow once you understood its most important issues. There are different dieting plans online from 7 days up to one month. Counting calories is the most difficult to me. I think that will be your task. First of all, you should find a keto calculator and define the daily amount of macronutrients for your boyfriend. Macros are fats, proteins and carbs. It is easy and fun, you will have to fill in the information (age, body parameters etc) and receive the precise personal data.

The average daily amount looks like this – around 135 grams of fat, 20 grams of carbs and 75 grams of protein. According to this plan (the one you will define via keto calculator), you will see what you need – to consume more or fewer calories. It is certainly easy to eat more. Add more oil to your salads, use more butter, fix another glass of smoothie etc.

The different mood comes when we need to deprive ourselves of some food we like. But your boyfriend has a great support so I believe everything will go fine. Make portions a bit smaller or reduce the amount of protein. No need to say that keto diet needs following the rules. You cannot cheat once in a while and expect results. Ketosis is a very delicate process and your body needs time to get back to it. Usually up to seven days.

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