How jumping rope increases the height?

Hello, my name is Helena and I’m 22 years old. I’m working on my body and following a healthy diet.
I always look for new exercises which I can add to my workout plan. I’ve read that jumping rope has lots of advantages and I want to start doing this exercise.
What do you think about it? Is it worth doing? Is it true that jumping rope increases height? Can you tell me the main benefits I will get from this exercise? How long should the rope be? What material have the professional sports rope to be made of? How many centimetres can I grow on by this jumping tool workouts?

I’m looking forward to your answers, hope you can help me. Thank you very much.


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Rope jumping is good for the spine and the muscles on your back develop vertically, the whole bone mass gets longer. Another visual effect after training – you are getting thinner and look taller. What is the skipping rope plan? I would start with 50 a day and set my goal to 100. Once you reach it, keep practicing constantly for a while and then maybe set a new goal. Hope you add some centimeters to your height, you will definitely lose nothing! Rope jumping will make your body so much better! Good luck!

Helena, you are 22 and I thought it`s only when we are teenagers it`s possible to control our height a bit. I was actually sure that height is something that comes in your genes. Well, lifestyle is important either. Proper body posture, a healthy diet and being physically active. So this last little aspect may refer to jump roping. It turns out that regular and intensive jumping makes all the muscles elastic and they stretch.

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