How Lauren Simpson training? What is her daily workout?

Hello! I’m interested in Lauren Simpson training. This girl is very beautiful and I would like to be like she. Today, I am starting training in the gym and I want to lose some more pounds. What set of exercises is the most effective in getting the fit body shape? How many years of training will follow to the visible result – body shape like Lauren? What exercises did she do when started fitness career?

What set of workouts can you recommend to do at home without any equipment? What exercises can you recommend for me? Maybe some easy, without any additional equipment? What do I need to start with? What set of exercises is the best variant for beginners? What equipment will I need in the future exercising? What kind of workout is the easiest, but most effective?
Which of these exercises should I better do at home? Are they suitable for people with unhealthy joints? What diet should I stick to while doing these training? What rules should I follow to see the result as soon as possible? Whether there are some tips to make exercising more effective?
What best additional workouts to do at home for weight loss?
The complex of her exercises, daily workouts, training at home. I want to know any information about this.

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First, two years of training Lauren was doing only cardio exercises and taking part in the group workout. Then she decided to make her body stronger and started lifting heavy weights. Lauren likes such a workout routine that is focused most of all on strength exercises, and only a little attention should pay to cardio. She does squats, pull-ups and downs, abdominal exercises, lying leg curls, lunges, dumbbell raise and many other activities. On Sunday she goes for a walk.

Hey! I found that on leg days, Lauren usually does one session per week concentrating on training for strength, so she does a lot of squats and deadlifts. On the other leg days, Lauren likes to include more of the smaller isolated exercises and focus on engaging and activating her muscles. Before doing these workouts, she runs through a circuit of band exercises, which helps Lauren to feel the burning sensation in her glutes and helps to establish that mind muscle connection. She is continually looking for new activities to include in her program, and she feels that doing different exercises is the key component to ensure that she is hitting all of her glute muscles.

Some of her favourite ‘booty’ building exercises: hip thrusts, step ups, kickbacks, sumo squats, pulses and curtsy lunges.

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