Does keeping to a ketogenic diet can bring harm to the health?

Good day everyone, my name is Medina, and I am looking forward to your help. By the way, you never leave me with unanswered questions. Now, I have a new one. I have been sticking to keto diet for nearly a few days and I suddenly understood one question – actually, how long do I need to stick to this diet to see real visible results?
So, have you ever tried keto diet and what are your time results? Did you do anything special so the results come faster? Did you starve a bit? How long should the keto diet be followed to reach the aim-to lose extra pounds? What is an average course of this diet? How long it takes to lose 4 pounds by sticking to the keto diet? What duration is safe for the human body? Does a long time dieting with a ketogenic diet can bring harm to the health?
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Long-term research on the keto diet is limited, so there’s no telling for sure what cutting out certain major food groups and cutting carbs will eventually do to your body. Registered dietitians warn that nutrient deficiencies may be possible if you’re on it for too long.

Stick to the keto diet for three to six months max, noting that some people opt to cycle in and out of the diet throughout the year.

Because it’s not a forever diet, there will be life after keto. But even when you go off it, you can expect that your taste preferences will have changed. You likely won’t want as many carbs, and things will taste extremely sweet. That’s good, because the last thing you want to do is go back to your old eating habits and regain weight that you lost.

Hi, Medina. Let`s talk about the ketogenic diet expert attitudes… I was surfing the Internet and came across two different points of view. Carolyn Ketchum, the author of “Everyday Ketogenic Kitchen” shares the results of her long and short-term keto dieting and tips what and how to cook during this time. While Bonnie Taub, a dietician, warns and points out the danger of the diet in her “Read It Before You Eat It”. Who would you trust?

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