How many calories do we burn daily without doing sports?

Hello! Recently I’ve started to monitor my nutrition. The healthy low-calorie recipes help me a lot to keep my body fit and toned. Actually, I decided to try such a method of slimming quite recently. As I have no time for doing workouts.

Earlier, I used to go in for sports regularly, doing full-body fat burning workouts. That is, 3 times a week attended the gym. But now I’m pretty busy with my work. So I decided to pay more attention to my nutrition. I monitor the calorie intake of all the products I consume. Keeping to such a regime, I would like to know whether it is effective. Actually, I spend a little time walking because of my office work. In the evening, while doing my home routine, I move more.

As I am not involved in sports at all but want to monitor my weight changes. It is essential for me to know my progress. So currently I’m interested in following:

  • How many calories does our body burn every day, without doing any particular workouts?

It is an urgent question for me. So please share your experience. Waiting forward to your answers!

How many calories do we burn daily without doing sports?

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It is believed that the surest way to lose weight – is to consume fewer calories than the body expends throughout the day. But if you sit in an office all day, a logical question arises, and what is the energy actually consumed in the absence of sports in life?

The number of calories burned depends on your weight, gender, the intensity of the load, as well as the metabolic rate. As you understand, the figures below are very conditional. However, you will find them on most specialized calorie-calculating sites. It is believed that such data are average, that is, in our case, suitable for women weighing from 65 to 70 kilograms. However, even if your weight is different from the above, our data will help you to form an idea of the work of your body and the energy costs that occur during the day.


How does morning begin, with coffee and a croissant or with porridge on the water with a vegetable smoothie? No, from cleaning the bed (35 kcal), shower (10 minutes – 40 kcal), preparing breakfast (75 kcal), then washing dishes (50 kcal), make-up (60 kcal) with styling (141 kcal) and, of course, selection and fitting clothes (93 kcal). If you have a dog, a walk with her will cost you 200 kcal in 40 minutes.

The trip to work also will not remain unaccounted for. Here, however, there are many different options, so choose the one that is closest to you. So, driving a car will cost you 90 kcal per hour, a walk on foot is 270 kcal, while a trip by public transport is 70 kcal if sitting, and 120 kcal while standing.


During the day, we can be involved in many processes, ranging from writing letters (80 kcal/hour) and phone calls (50 kcal/hour), ending with conversations with colleagues near the cooler (80 kcal/hour).

It is considered that for an eight-hour working day, an average office worker spends about 550 kcal under the condition of slight stress. Such work includes various paperwork, telephone conversations, correspondence by mail and periodic walks to the kettle. In general, quite familiar things, without any unbearable physical exertion.

Most of all in a working day is burned, of course, by those whose work is directly related to physical exertion — loaders, workers, builders, repairmen, athletes, finally. There you can already talk at least about 2000 calories per work day.


In the evening, the calorie consumption is the lowest for the day, which is quite logical, considering that at the end of the day we prefer to relax from work, doing relaxing things. Reading your favorite book for an hour will cost you 29 kcal, and watching TV 65 kcal. It is also interesting that 10-15 minutes of laughter can burn up to 50 calories. Some experts even compare 1 minute of laughter with 10 minutes of fitness.


While we sleep, the body continues its hard work. For 8 hours of healthy sleep, a person can spend about 560 kcal. However, such a volume is burned only under the condition that you go to bed in a relaxed, not stressful state, the room in which you sleep is a comfortable cool temperature, and three hours before bedtime you did not eat anything fat, sweet and very calorie.

Have you ever think and count how many calories you lost per day, just spending your time habitually? I want to show you how much calories you can burn per day without much effort. All processes and organs of a person are constantly working, and therefore they consume calories. I will share with you my knowledge about how much calories do you burn while doing different everyday activities. Also, a lot of people want to know how to calculate calories burned, which calories burned calculator is the best to use and the number of calories burned standing, walking, swimming, at rest, etc. I will tell you all these things that are interested for you.

To find out how many calories are burned every day in a state of tranquility you need to make the necessary calculations:
Formula 1
If you are a woman multiply your weight by a factor of 0, 9 and then multiply that figure by 24. For example: 65 (kg) х 0,9 х 24 = 1404 kcal
If you are a man, just multiply your weight by 24. For example: 80 (kg) x 24 = 1920 Kcal.
This number shows how many calories are burned during the 24 hours when you are just lying motionless. Naturally, in the process of the day, we are doing different things so we also spend energy. Therefore, in the days without physical exercise, add 20% to the resulting figure, 30-50% on the day of training or intensive physical activity.

Formula 2
For women – 9.99 x weight (kg) + 6.25 x height (cm) – 4.92 x years – 161= Y
For men – 9.99 x weight (kg) + 6.25 x height (cm) – 4.92 x age + 5= Y.
If you have low physical activity, sedentary lifestyle – multiply your weight by 1.2
For those who are engaged sports 1-2 times a week – 1, 375; up to 3 times a week –multiply by 1,55; up to 5 times or more per week sports – 1725. For professional athletes or for those who are engaged in heavy physical labor – 1,9

How much calories do you burn when doing different daily tasks (30 minutes):

Wiping dust – 80 kcal; washing windows and mirrors – 280 kcal; changing the bed linen – 35 kcal; washing of dishes – 50 kcal; washing of floors – 130 cal; cleaning by a vacuum cleaner – 205 kcal; replacing – 108 kcal; replacement of furniture – 223 kcal; ironing clothes standing – 70 kcal, sitting – 40 kcal; cooking – 75 kcal; washing by hands – 110 kcal; rest lying down – 69 kcal; reading aloud – 90 kcal; work at home – 120-250 kcal

Physical activity:
Skiing – 420 kcal; swimming – 200-420 kcal; bicycle – 220-450 cal; rollers and skates – 200-620 kcal; volleyball – 300 kcal; jumper – 359 kcal; aerobics – 260-364 kcal; dancing (slow and fast) – 180-518 kcal; hoop – 210 Kcal for 30 minutes; Yoga – 260 kcal

So, now you know how many calories we burn daily without doing sports and doing sport. You just need to write down all things that you do per day and calculate burned calories. If you want to calculate calories you receive eating food, I recommend you to choose one of the best kitchen scales 2019.

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