What tips of yoga for beginners can you recommend to do at home?

Hello, everyone! Continuing the subject of yoga, I want to ask you about the frequency of doing yoga exercises. I know a lot of famous people, who does yoga every morning, so it is interesting to me if it is really effective. Now, I decided to try it too. However, I’ve only heard about it, but I’ve never tried to do any of asanas before.
Which asanas would be suitable for me, as the beginner? How long should last my first trainings? Is it so important to have a meditation first? Or I can do these exercises without meditation?
How often should I do yoga exercises per week? Is it helpful to do it early in the morning? What tips of yoga for beginners can you recommend to do at home?  What are the best yoga poses? What basic yoga poses can help me to have a good flexibility and body shape?

I am waiting for an answer from you! Thank you!

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Dear Jane!

I am very happy, that you are asking this question. Yoga is a very important thing in our lives. It helps us to be stamina and fit. So if you are a beginner in yoga, do not worry. One can say that yoga for beginners is a kind of philosophy that everyone experiences in their own way.

Basic asanas recommended for beginners are:

– tadasana (up position),
– adha mukha (dog with head down),
– svastikasana (cross-legged neighbor with turns),
– chatushpadasana (half bridge),
– ustrasana (position of a camel),
– savasana (position of the deceased).

In contrast to advanced asanas, yoga asanas for beginners are mainly made for strengthening and stretching back muscles and the whole body and less focus on improving strength and endurance. They prevent various pains and tensions that accumulate in the body due to the sedentary, inactive lifestyle. 

It is not necessary to do meditation before or after yoga. You should try to make it before sleep. Helps with good dreams. About making yoga try to do it every day especially that it does not take much time.

Stay healthy!

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