How tall is Lauren Simpson? What is her weight?

Hi! A few days ago I found the beautiful girl on Instagram. Lauren Simpson 1,3 million followers. I am her fan. I would like to know everything about her. What do you know about Lauren Simpson? What information is incredibly interesting?
This girl is an ideal of beauty and I want to be like she. What is her height? Does she have 170 centimetres? On the photos, it seems that she is not so high, nearly 163 cm. Is it true? What is her weight? What does she say about it? Does she want to reduce it a little bit?

What are her main body measurements? How many centimetres does she have around her waist and hips? What she can recommend having a thin waist? What does the fitness girl want to do with her body henceforward? What aims does she have now? Does she take part in different fitness bikini competitions? What she thinks about the ideal female parameters?

I would like to know everything she thinks. Probably as you understand, I am her avid fan! Please, answer my questions. Waiting for this.

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She is a beautifull and sports girl. I’m excited about her. I know a little information about her, but I know that her weight 125 – 135lbs (56.7 – 61.2kg) and height 5’7″ (170cm).

She seems to be something like 5,7″; it’s nearly 170 cm, I believe. Prety impressive lady, I would say. Can keep anybody motivated

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