How to add rice to child’s diet wisely?

Good day, everybody, my name is Wendy and I’m 24. I need some help with my diet and my chid’s one. So, my little Emily is a toddler now and my doctor said that soon I can give her rice. But when exactly? And how to correctly add rice? Maybe I should add something for a better result? How must it be prepared – boiled, stewed? What amount won’t be harmful to my child? And also – what rice is the best for diet? Please explain why so I could understand. Thank you very much for your attention and your answers!

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Hello, Wendy! Two – five tablespoons of cooked rice is enough for your girl per day. Boiled one is definitely better than fried. Brown or red rice is far better than traditional white one. Unpolished grains contain more nutrients and vitamins. You will have to cook it a bit longer though.
Do not worry, there are a lot of recipes for cooking rice for your child. You can even add some sugar, salt or milk since your girl is older than one year. Take care, Wendy! Bon appetite!

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