How to be healthy and heal the body with recipes for life?

Welcome everybody, my name is Silva and I am 26 years old. This is my last question for todayand i wo’t bother you anymore today, heh. So, I have a very-very general question but it is really important for me – how to be healthy and heal the body with recipes for life? It sounds a bit strange, i know but i think that there must be some unique recipes that every person can use and to stay healthy for the whole of his life? I don’t know, it can be any salads, or soups, or beverages – what can you recommend and advice? I would be very grateful!

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Hello! To be honest, it is very wide question, so, i guess, it will be good that other’s users and mine will combine one big answer for you. I am going to pass you the healthy recipe of frittata, because it is very tasty and has many vitamins.


You need:

  • 8 eggs beaten with salt and pepper and 1 tsp dried mixed herbs
  • 400g cubed pumpkin – pre-cook in microwave
  • 4 cups veggies – mushrooms, capsicum, onion, zucchini, broccoli, etc- chopped (pre-cook broccoli in microwave a little).  You can use frozen veggies too, just lightly cook.
  • 2 tomatoes sliced
  • Additional dried mixed herbs
  • 4 tsp grated parmesan or tasty cheese

Preheat oven to fan grill or grill 200 degrees.

Spray a large non stick frypan (which has a handle that can go in the oven) and throw in chopped onion and sauté for 2 minutes.  Add pre cooked broccoli and pumpkin and the rest of the veggies, apart from the tomato slices.  Saute until just cooked.

Pour over the beaten egg mix and tip pan so that it is evenly distributed.  Cook over moderate heat for a few minutes then place tomato slices on top, scatter additional dried herbs on the tomato slices and then top with grated cheese.

Put under hot grill and cook until the cheese is just browned and the centre of the frittata is cooked through.

Cut into 4 wedges and serve with salad or veggies.

This re-heats well in the microwave.

Tip:  Keep a bag of grated parmesan cheese in the freezer for quick meals like this.

Hi Silva! This is a very tough question to answer. You know, I think there is no recipe that you can use for the entire life and feel yourself goodI don’t believe that if you eat something for the whole life that your body will be better, it an make a lot of harm instead. Just try to listen to your body and to understand what it wants. Try to make your ration wider and healthier, so that you can be healthy now. Don’t forget to do your exercises and to drink a lot of water. This is what you can do now. But we never know what will be in the future.

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