How to buy a crossfit jump rope?

Hello! I need your help! My friends are having a birthday coming up this week. She is a very sporty girl, so I want to buy her a CrossFit jump rope. She really makes huge efforts to do sports every day, so I think this thing will be helpful to her. The problem is, I’ve never bought such kind of stuff before, so I need advice. How to choose and buy a qualitative CrossFit jump rope? Where should I better buy it? Maybe you know some sites with a huge selection of equipment with high quality? Help me with choosing! I would really appreciate your bits of advice.


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Great idea for a bday present indeed! Buy online at your trustworthy shop. I would do it on Amazon. Look at the exact model you want and make sure they will send it to you in time so that you are not late with your present. These are the most advisable Crossfit jump rope models according to the latest research. The prices vary from $7 to 20$. Compact and light Survival and Cross Speed jump rope,’s jump rope, 321 Strong’s Aluminium Fitness jump rope, Fitness Master jump rope, The WOD Whipper jump rope, The Limm jump rope and King Athletic. Each of them is quite durable, effective, affordable and stylish. I am sure you can find something that will work best for your friend. Good luck!

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