How to cook ‘acorn squash’?

Hello! How are you? Remember me writing about my experiments in the kitchen? So, I continue doing that. I was googling a lot of recipes, I even bought a book. And I can confidently say that I’ve made some success out of it. My cooking skills are permanently developing. But I don’t want to stop and waiting forward to try new and interesting dishes.

One evening my friend told me about a dish, called ‘acorn squash’. He assured me that it’s very quick to cook and tastes really exotic!  I’ve never heard something like this before and  I don’t really understand how to cook it right. I remembered that I should buy a pumpkin and bake it. But can I use some other products for it?

Besides, recently I’ve decided to lead a healthy lifestyle, that’s why I would like to get recipes for cooking acorn squash in the most healthy way. I remember I’ve seen something like that on my friend’s birthday party, but unfortunately I didn’t try that one. So I hope now you will help me at least to prepare it.

How to cook it in a healthy way? Should it be baked or boiled, or even fried? What should I serve with it? Thanks!

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You need quite a large acorn squash, 40-50 grams of cheese, 3 tablespoons of fresh herbs (I usually use oregano or rosemary, thyme is also very nice), a tablespoon of melted butter (ghee), half teaspoon of garlic powder, sea salt and ground pepper to your taste. The oven should be very hot, acorn squash cut carefully in pieces without seeds and mixed with all the components thoroughly in a big container. Arrange the mixture on a baking sheet and keep in the oven for about 25 minutes. When the cheese is nicely golden and crispy, your dish is ready. Bon appetite!

Hello, Sonya! I really like your experiments in the kitchen! I think you should keep this way 🙂 I have recently cooked some acorn squash as a super delicious side dish. It seemed crazy exotic at first! I roasted acorn squash with my favorite herbs and Italian cheese. Only five ingredients give you a lot of good! Carbohydrates, vitamins, important acids, fiber and minerals of course, such as magnesium, calcium, copper etc. Healthy, tasty and nutritious – just what we all want.

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