Is it necessary to use chemical additives to gain musle mass?

Greetings! Today I am interested in some information about how to increase the attractiveness of my body, especially of my arms. I heard that most of the people use chemical additives to their diet, but I know nothing about them.

The pumped up and relief body is an unconditional success on the beach and a guarantee that all admired women’s views will be turned on you. If your muscle mass leaves much to be desired – just continue to study the lagging muscle groups. We are talking about the super-relief of the already pumped body.

How to achieve a relief body and show everyone the results of their efforts in the gym? Everyone understands that the relief muscles from the air do not arise. I want to know how to gain muscle mass and after that start to work on relief.

I have a lot of cardio training now. It helps me to develop my endurance and keep myself in form. Does cardio training influence to muscle mass? Do I need to change training programs periodically or always train in the same way? How can I speed up the recovery and muscle growth?

Does the environment effect on my muscle growth? Do any stresses or bad weather have an influence on my body? Is it depends on the season? There are more sun lights in summer than in winter, isn’t it? Are there any other reasons that can have an impact?

How much should I sleep? Is sleep have an impact on my muscle growth? I sleep approximately 7 hours, but it starts at 12 o’clock in the night. Is it necessary to go to bed earlier? Should I have some sleep after training? Can I do some exercises right after sleep?

Is the ultimate diet exist? Now I have three meals a day: breakfast, dinner, and supper. How many calories I should eat? Do I have to review my diet and workout system to get rid of fat, make the body relief and show all six cubes?

How many kilos I can gain without chemical additives? What is the danger in chemical additives? I heard that in order to give the body the desired forms, it is enough just to use the necessary amount of supplements to gain muscle mass. What form of chemical additives is the most effective: powders, bars, tablets or capsules? Is it possible to replace them with regular products like chicken, milk products, cheeses or something? Are there any more products for me? Please tell me about it.

I have read a lot of articles, but till now don’t know how to gain muscle mass faster. It seems to me I asked all the questions. If something is forgotten please tell me it too! I hope you guys will help me to create soon.

I am looking for useful advises from you. I am waiting for your help.Chemical additives

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I know that every man wants to look good and have an ideal body shape. Everyone wants to know how to gain muscle mass. Of course, it needs a lot of struggle and effort, but still, the result is worth it. I have read a lot of information about how to increase the muscle mass, workouts to gain muscle, muscle gain weight trainings. Also, I read about top 10 simple secrets for building muscles.  And I want to share my knowledge with you.

Best ways to build muscle mass:

1. To get big muscle consume more calories than you lose. An ordinary man with an average physique needs 3000 to 3500 kcal for one day, which means that the figure should be increased to 4000-4500 cal. Each product should be beneficial, and therefore it should contain vitamins, minerals and nutrients.

2. To gain muscle weight, you need to eat natural products. The basis of the diet is meat – beef, poultry, as well as fish. Protein – this is the first thing the body needs in the period of intense training, especially when you want to increase muscle size. Also, the diet should include seafood, cheese, eggs. To gain weight at home, you need to eat carbohydrates. They can be obtained from cereals (buckwheat, oatmeal, rice, millet, etc.).

3. To build more muscle you need to drink as much liquid as possible – 2-3 liters per day. In any case, water is necessary for muscles, because it is very important in chemical processes. The maximum of vitamins can be obtained from fruits and vegetables, which means they should be always on the table. Well, you should know that bodybuilders eat 6-7 times per day. This is very important for increasing the weight of your body.

4. To gain muscle weight at home, you need to train properly. Of course, not all fitness equipment in the gym can be replaced by home appliances, but by buying a bar, a pair of dumbbells and putting a bench in the corner of the room, it is quite possible to start classes. Basic workouts to gain muscle are the bench press, lying (on the chest), squatting (on the legs), dead thrust (on the back), bench press over the head (on the shoulder), bending of the rod on the biceps, bench press on the triceps and dead thrust on the straight legs (on back of the thigh).

5. To gain muscle mass at home, you can push away from the floor, and the load on the hands and the entire group of thoracic muscles will provide a spin from two chairs that are quite capable of replacing the boards. It is necessary to train with the maximum intensity, but at the same time do not take too excessive weight, which will not allow more than 2 repetitions. It is necessary for each series to do 6 reps to provide muscles with a large portion of glycogen without exhausting them and not destroying their own tissues. After each completed series, you need to give them time to recover.

6. Gaining muscle is possible only if one group of muscles are trained once every 5-7 days. So you should go to the gym or do exercises at home 2 times a week. The duration of training should be 45 minutes, maximum – 1,5 hours.


You asked an interesting question. It is very good that you know that sleep is important for you, especially when you are trying to increase your muscle mass. You must know how to eat to gain muscle mass, how to build muscle mass and how much you should sleep to make your actions effective. I know a lot about it and want to share my knowledge with you.

Restoration after training is critically important, and sleep is generally recognized as an essential element of recovery.

Although work with weight is an effective way to achieve significant improvements in your body (increasing muscle mass and burning fat), it requires a big effort. So, recovery after training has a critical significance, and sleep is generally recognized as the most important component of recovery. It’s just a fact that if you want to recover and grow, you need to have a rest.

Unfortunately, sleeping is sometimes unacceptable luxury, and many bodybuilders do not have it enough. Sometimes the fault of it is a tense schedule of training, sometimes – neglect of the importance of sleep. This is a mistake because this attitude to sleep will frustrate you because you will not see any progress, it will so hard for you to achieve your goal – build muscle mass.

Briefly about sleep

The dream includes a number of periods that can be divided into five phases:

The first phase of sleep, the second phase of sleep, the third and fourth phases of sleep, fast sleep. I want you to know more about the third and fourth phases.

The third phase goes into the fourth – a deep stage of sleep, the most difficult time to wake up a person. During this phase, the level of growth hormone reaches its peak, so it is the most useful phase for you, especially when you are on the way to increase your muscle mass.

Importance of a sleep

A lot of you ask how can sleep help your health and help to increase your muscle mass. A dream has an invaluable effect on your whole body. During your sleep, your body restores after the load, heals the damage and builds up the muscle mass. During sleep, hormones are allocated most intensively, and that is why sleep has an anabolic effect.

Moreover, while sleeping, neurotransmitters (special chemicals) that are needed to make strength training work effectively and safely are storing. These neurotransmitters include dopamine, adrenaline, norepinephrine, acetylcholine and much more.

These substances are responsible for attentiveness, concentration, motivation, the overall level of energy and muscle contractions. They are exhausted because of heavy workouts and any other activity. Only a sleep allows the body to cure itself by replenishing the stocks of substances needed to achieve your results, in our case – to build muscles.

At the same time, sleep is important for the immune system, mental health and millions of biological processes that are going every day in the body. Without enough sleep, your body will not function properly.

Miscarriage can lead to weight gain, heart problems, and even depression. Sleep is the main component of a healthy life. Adults should sleep 7 or more hours a day. Some, especially young people and people with chronic diseases, need even more – 9 hours of sleep a day. Only for a small number of people it is enough to sleep less than 6 hours a day. This is due to genetic factors.

So, hope you understood how is sleep important, especially for building muscles.

I have read your question and answers and want to add something. The question about how much should you sleep and how it influences the muscles growth is really interesting. I want to say about the consequences of lack of sleep and give a few recommendations on how to improve your dream.

I think you know that the lack of sleep is the best way to worsen your health and cause muscle tissue burning. It is associated with a variety of diseases, including depression, reduced immunity, as well as a number of serious illnesses, including heart problems.
When it comes to muscle growth, sleep deprivation has a particularly devastating effect, because reducing the amount of sleep leads to a reduction of the time that the body has for recovery and growth.
As a result, it can cause inflammation of the whole body, increase the level of cortisol, catabolism, reduce the amount of muscle tissue and increase the amount of adipose tissue. In addition, the lack of sleep leads to a decrease in the level of anabolic hormones and a violation of normal functioning of the body.
Scientific fact: Lack of sleep increases the stress that the body receives from training, and people risk overtraining. But there is another consequence of lack of sleep – it increases traumatic risk.
Lack of sleep will have a huge negative impact on your ability to concentrate – thus, be attentive in the gym. Without proper concentration, you will not be able to pay attention to the observance of the technique while exercising, and because of this the risk of injury increases.

Also, I want to tell you a few useful habits that will help you to improve your sleep:
– follow the sleep mode
– go to bed and wake up at the same time. Even on weekends.
– create a soothing atmosphere
– get off the electronic devices
follow the diet
– do not drink before bedtime
– do not smoke
– physical activity during the day will help you sleep more easily at night
– use the bed exclusively for sleeping (do not eat in bed, do not watch TV and do not work)

To conclude, sleep is very important for the growth of muscle mass. Sleep is the most important period for the recovery and growth of the muscles, and may also be important for anabolism throughout the day. But the whole trick is that the dream can cause catabolism.
Hope you will follow my piece of advice)

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