How to use the yoga rope properly? What exercises do you know using a yoga rope?

Yeeeeey, the last question and I are really-really happy and satisfied with your answers and help!
I can’t say how much, really! So, my last question is connected with equipment for yoga – how to do many exercises using the yoga rope?
My friend said that it is very funny and it helps to burn more calories. Actually, I just want to try and then I will see for myself whether I like it or not.
So, what exercises can you recommend? I would like to start with an easier one and then move to the harder. How to use the yoga rope properly? What exercises do you know using a yoga rope?

Is it safe? Is it possible to have injuries with it? The yoga rope can be used at home?

If so, where I can buy it? What is the price of the yoga rope? Can I buy it online in the well-known and already tested store?

Thank you very-very much!

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Hello Wendy! Exercises with yoga rope may seem hard but just try and see that it is also fun!

Rope Pulling Exercise

Procedure- Sit on the floor, keeping the legs straight. Keep your back straight and hands on the thighs. Concentrate on the hand and arm muscles.

While inhaling, stretch your left arm upwards and close your left hand to grasp the rope hanging from the wall. Coordinate your breathing with the movement.

While exhaling, tense your arm and keep it straight. Lower it slowly towards the knee.

Relax your arm. Repeat this 5 times with each arm grasping the rope for support and a better pull.

Upper Abdominal Rope Exercise

Procedure- Lie down on your back. Stretch your legs out straight. Don’t bend your arms. Lift your legs up and suspend them to the rope at a 60-degree angle. Pull the suspended rope till you feel a good stretch.

Continue it for a minute repeat the procedure 20-25 repetitions. Keep the pace rhythmic.

Lower Abdominal Rope Exercise

Procedure- Get into the initial position like you did for upper abdominal exercise. Bend your knees and hang them onto the ropes as shown in the picture.

Pull the legs closer to your chest, till it feels comfortable. Then get back to the starting position. Practice the procedure for a minute.

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