How to do workouts like Kayla Itsines ?

Kayla Itsines is my favourite fitness blogger. I like all the information about her. And I want to be like she. Maybe you tell me some exercises that will help me to be like Kayla?

What is Kayla’s daily training plan? How many times per week does she train? What time she usually exercises: in a morning, a midday or evening? How often she does cardio workouts? What does she do to keep her body fit? Does she exercise with a rowing machine? Does Kayla Itsines use a fitness tracker? What set of exercises is the most effective to lose weight quickly? What kind of training should be to pump up the muscles? What workout is the best when gaining a muscle mass?  What girl did to have such a beautiful body shape?

When did the fitness blogger start doing sports? What was her main goal? Did she was fat and wanted to lose an excess weight? What did she start with? What she can suggest doing at home for beginners? How to find time for training even if you have a very tight schedule?
How to motivate yourself, not to quit training on a half-way? What are the tips to always stay active? What can you suggest me to lose weight fast without intensive workouts?

Where to find videos with rules of doing exercises?

Guys, I need your help! What can you propose me? How to lose weight fast? What tips should I follow to have the fit body shape like Kayla Itsines? I am waiting for your replies soon! Thanks)

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If you want to have a body like Kayla, you must be Kayla. Haha. But there a lot of sites, where you can find video training by Kayla. As for me, I always use it. You should just be surfing the Internet. If you want, I can help you.

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