How to do yoga breathing exercises for flat stomach? What is the best way to meditate for beginners?

Hi everyone! Recently I decided to start doing yoga. To see good results,  you need to do everything right, so the first and most important thing in yoga is to learn how to breathe. I know that every training should begin with meditation and proper breathing so that you can stop thinking about bad things and problems and just relax.

But I have a question. How to do these breathing exercises? What some great methods can you recommend, that will help me to breathe deeper? How to breathe in yoga properly? How to do yoga breathing exercises for the flat stomach? What is the best way to meditate for beginners? What tips should I follow learning how to meditate at home?

I am looking forward to your replies. Thank you;)

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Hello Jane!! Try these exercises:

1. Plank To Side Plank
2. Chaturanga To Plank
3. Forearm Plank
4. Boat Into Half Boat

In general, yoga is full of core-strengthening moves, but these stomach toners take top honors. They challenge your balance and stability and force your obliques, hip flexors, and even glutes to team up, helping you sculpt a seriously strong (and sexy) midsection.Perform the following moves as a “flow” to raise your heart rate and torch more calories each session. Begin with Plank to Side Plank on your left side, then flow directly into Chaturanga to Plank before returning to Side Plank on your right side. Repeat the sequence, then lower to Forearm Plank. Rest on your knees for 30 seconds, then come into Boat into Half Boat. Repeat the entire sequence three times.

Dear Jane, it`s nice you are focusing on breathing, that`s a key to improving your yoga effective performance. First of all, your breathing has to be deep and with no efforts. There are some basic rules about yoga movements. When you open the front of your body – inhale, when compress – exhale. Do not move while your breath is suspended after inhalation. You can move only when you are going to exhale after suspension. Focus on your breathing while doing every yoga pose, inhale through your nose, exhale with your mouth. Nothing too difficult, right? Have a good yoga time! Namaste 🙂 

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