How to eat cheap and at the same time healthy? Is it possible?

Welcome everybody, my name is Mary (as you know, though). So, now I want to raise the question which is very important for some people and there is nothing bad about asking such questions, right? So, how to eat cheap and at the same time healthy? To be honest, sometimes healthy food is really expensive, especially when you want to buy meat or fish and this makes a black hole in your wallet and because of this, you have to miss some entertainment. I guess that there must be some alternatives to this problem, what do you think? Looking forward to your answers.

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Nice topic, Mary! Quite a problem, indeed. Try to eat more meals at home. Let`s create our grocery list with possible variations. Of course, it depends on the store, season and your location. Brown rice, multigrain pasta and whole-wheat bread, no doubt, are great. Greek yogurt is a wonderful butter replacement. Old-fashioned oats are quite cheap and super healthy. How about frozen vegetable benefits? Don`t forget about russet potatoes, fresh spinach, and canned beans. Canned tuna is affordable either. Do you use dried lentils or jarred marinara sauce? Try it! Hope I was helpful. Have a nice day!


Thank you for this question, Mary. It is really nice. A lot of us think that it is embarrassing to talk about the money economy. But the thing is that we need to talk about it.  Here I have some tips for you and I am sure, that you will like it.

  1. Please think ahead about your weekly meal plan.
  2. Go to the supermarket once a week.
  3. With this meal plan decide how many times a week you will eat fish or meat.
  4. It will be cheaper to buy some products in the street market.
  5. What is more, it will be cheaper to take some bags at home.

Hope this will help you!

Hello, Mary! Very interesting question!

To be honest, sometimes healthy isn’t cheap and you know that. Meat and fish are a bit expensive nowadays, ecspecially when you also need to buy fruits, vegetables, beverages and some more products for side dishes and so on BUT we somehow manag to survive during this period XD

So, how do i do this: i do little grocery shop lists for everyday and i also grow some food at home and thanks to this situation i can save some money for travelling and entertainment. I mostly drink water and green tea so this helps me to save more and spend more on healthy products.

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