How to exercise with yoga rope? Are there exercises that don’t need any equipment?

Hello everybody! I just bought my new yoga mat for my pieces of training. However, I don’t know whether I need to buy any other equipment?
Are there exercises that don’t need any equipment? I heard a lot about yoga rope, how do you think, is it effective? How to exercise with it? Has anyone tried it? Is it worth buying? Because I never buy a lot of new equipment, because in the end it is just uselessly laying on the floor. I need your recommendation. How does this yoga rope works?

Exercising using yoga rope is more effective? Can I lose an excess weight with yoga rope? Which group of muscles are included in work? How many calories can be burned by training with this kind of equipment? Is it possible to get injuries or bring harm to the body while exercising with yoga rope?
Waiting for your feedback.

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Hello Jane! I haven’t tried yoga yet but i have asked my friends and they recommended these exercises:

Glute bridges

The glute bridge activates the glute muscles, stretches the back and improves hip flexibility.

Deep squat

The deep squat will improve hip flexibility and stretch the legs.

Elbow plank

The plank will strengthen the core, shoulders and the glutes.

Calf raises

The calf raises activate the calves.

Hamstring stretch

Sitting down all day, over a long period tightens the hamstrings and decreases flexibility. This stretching movement will loosen the hamstrings and increase hip flexibility.

Hello, Jane! You will laugh but it`s been already two years that I do yoga at home and didn`t buy a mat. I use my carpet and parquet depending on the exercises. Maybe it`s time consider buying it at last, together with yoga rope, I heard it`s very effective. You are able to open up your body more compared to the normal exercises, the stretching level gets deeper and longer. I`d love to try some new asanas like Upper abdominal rope, Walking or Cycling rope, Rope pulling or Memory power rope, there are also Side hip rope for sexy hips. Tell me when you buy it, good luck!

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