What jumping rope workouts can you propose to burn fat in a week?

Hello, my name is Sarah and I am 21. I regularly do exercises in the gym on different training machines and at home. I am also following a healthy diet. One of my favourite exercises is jumping rope. I think it is effective and many sportsmen add this exercise to their workout plan.
And what do you think about jumping rope? How effective is it? And here is my main question: how to find the perfect jump rope? Where to buy a professional jumping rope? What tips should I follow to choose high-quality skip rope? What techniques should I carry out to pump all body muscles? How many time does it take per day to exercise with the jumping rope for fast results? What jumping rope workouts can you suggest to see visible results after a week?

I will be extremely happy if you give me good advice and share your experience. I’m looking forward to your answers, thanks a lot.

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Jumping rope is really great for weight loss, even 15 minutes of training a day will give you visible results in a week. You are a sportswoman, Sarah, so it won`t be super difficult to get used to the routine I hope. I do not know if you need the model for beginners, you should better choose the one with lightweight cloth. Or maybe even vinyl rope. There is a great variety from $20 and higher. Jumping ropes are available to order in online shops or the sports store you trust. Mind that you need proper and comfortable training shoes too!

Be careful as you need some space around you, at least 25 cm above. Some surfaces are dangerous to jump on, chose the ones with wooden floor or an exercising mat, avoid training on asphalt, grass, fluffy carpet etc. For a start combine jumping with marching, listen to your body, you`ll be improving your cardiovascular system and will be able to jump for longer and longer periods and more calories will be burnt.

There is another option for you, Sarah. Since you regularly practice in a gym, you may include rope-jumping into your usual fitness program. Do 100-200 repetitions with your skipping rope, then move to a different exercise, then repeat jumping. You may train intensively doing a jump each time the ropes moves, but it is possible to lower the intensity by slowing the rope and making an additional little jump.

Using a fitness tracker is great for monitoring your heart rate. If you feel your heart is beating super fast, train less exhaustively. The maximal heart-rate zone is 220 minus 21 (that`s your age) = 199 beats per minute. You should also consider some dangers, unlike in swimming, there is a great pressure to your body when you jump. Protect yourself, stay high on the toes while exercising, this way your body absorbs shock in its natural way. Good luck, Sarah!

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