How to get a body like Jen Selter? 5 the most effective exercises?

Hello, I’m Stella. I’m the fan of Jen Selter. I want to be like she. She is the most beautiful girl I ever saw. I like her thin waist, pumped buttocks and generally incredible appearance!

Do you know some tips to be slim? How to lose weight fast using Jen Selter training program? What workouts are the most effective? What set of exercises likes celebrity the most?
How long does the girl is encouraged in training? What prompted her to do sport seriously? What was she before starting workouts in the gym? Was she overweight? Which motivation is Jen guided by when training? What is her training routine?

Now, I want to lose some weight and pump up my muscles like Jen Selter. Did she have the same aims? How many time did it take for her to gain such an ideal muscle mass? What is her way to success? Does the girl take part in any kind of fitness competitions?
What is Jen Selter workout plan for weight loss? What abs and butt workouts does she do? Does she do exercises on her top or only the lower part of the body? What is her height? What parameters does the celebrity have?
I like this girl so much, and I think she is my ideal of the beauty and femininity! I will do everything that is needed from me, to be like Jen, to have such incredible body shape and weight!

Now I find the most effective exercises. Maybe somebody knows some training?

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Jen has more than 12 million Instagram followers, and she has recently been named #2 on Forbes in the fitness category.

She is a 23-year-old former front desk gym clerk that has turned a love of fitness into a social media empire.

Jen says that her favourite lower body exercises are squats, variations of lunges, stair master intervals and kickbacks. She likes adding them into a workout routine by doing in two-movement supersets to fasten her heartbeat.

You should get at least three days of 30-minute cardio sessions in a week, and you’ll start seeing those muscles popping out. If you’re continually tearing your muscle fibres over and over again without giving them time to build back up, you’re delaying your progress. It is called over-training. You need at least two days of rest for your muscles to build up and become stronger and bigger really.

Building muscle isn’t easy for everybody, but it’s just about the same process for everyone. All you should do exercises in the gym, pump up with heavyweights, fill your body with protein, and let your muscles recover. So you can get the body that you want.

Jen Selter warms up on the stepper trainer before starting her workout.
She exercises every day apart from Sunday. She does different 6-8 exercises every day. Among them, there are squats, lunging, situps, plank hold, crab position and many others. She usually finishes her training doing cardio exercises.

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