How to get a flat stomach with only diet and exercises at home?

Hello there! I’m Arina. I wish my boyfriend decided to get fit together! However, it’s tough to find a diet, that will fit both of us. He says that he wants a flat stomach, but he doesn’t believe in any diets, he says that we should eat proper food and do some exercises. But how we could get a flat stomach with only workouts and diet? Which activities should we do? What set of workout can you recommend for us? How to get the slim body at home? What tips should we follow to achieve the goal of the flat belly?
What diet we have to be stuck to lose weight? How many times and when we should eat? Maybe then a suitable food for us would be a vegetarian diet? How many calories does this nutrition plan require to consume per day? What amount of fats and carbs is healthy for the body? Maybe you can suggest the special kind of diet for the flat belly?

What do you think? I don’t know what to do.

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Hello there, Arina! It is good to see tou again. I really love your question. My friend had actually the exact same problem recently, so I have pulled up a few strings and here is what I can help you with:

1. Your boyfriend has actually a reason. Diets are notorious for having a short term effect and even causing some serious damage to your both body and health in general. Personally, I would recommend to choose his side here. Physical activities are really good if you want to lose some extra pounds or just get your body in tone.

2. Every great thing takes time. You want to see the cool desired result-work hard for it. Push yourself every single day. Do the morning exercises and run or jog at 5-6 am before work. Every single day, girl. The harder you try, the consistency, the repeats-all of that are your key rules and factors to follow. 

3. Vegeterian diet is great. But that by all means shall not lead you to think that not eating meat will help you to lose weight. I am not saying you should not try to limit yourself in it, since I am the vegetarian myself. It is just the whole process that can be quite exhausting and stressful at the beggining. You will need to prepare yourself by making up your mind and learning all little details about this diet. Such symptoms like usual headaches, mood changes and slight body pain or feeling worn out might always be by your side.

4. Do it together. A lot of people recommend to find someone who will willingly help you with losing weight by taking part in that process too. Support is extremely essential here. It is really great, that you have your boyfriend by your side, so I hope everything will go smoothly for each of you.

5. Do not ever give up. Finish always. Find and watch some motivational videos or read some inspiring quotes etc. My friend told me, that before-after pictures and stories have helped her a lot during some cliff edge moments. 

6. Stay positive and believe in yourself. I know it can get pretty hard sometimes, but you need to always keep in mind the reason why you have started before. The Universe will definitely help you, if it sees the effort you make.

7. Last but not least, eat more vegetables and fruits. Drink about 2-3 l of water every day. Limit yourself in sweets and white bread intake. Eat only fresh food. Order kids portion size and eat slowly. Forget about eating in front of the tv, computer, phone screen while watching a movie or a YouTube video.

Wow. That is a actually it. I really hope you will get all of that. I wish you and your boyfriend a happy weight loss path and some great results!

Stay healthy and fit, my dear user!


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