How to get abs fast at home?

Hello, I’m Greg. I want to pump up abs, but I don’t know effective exercises to do this fast. I’m trying to lose weight and remove my stomach, do everything, and press and cardio and various activities on the lower workout abs and so for a year, the body pulls up and the belly and hangs 🙁 + diet itself, has bothered all already I think of operation, but  it is expensive and dangerous (((I wait for advice. Thanks!

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Hello there!

Man, my friend had the exact same problem.No matter what he did, the results weren’t the best.But hey, right now you should just cross off that operation thing, cause that’s not even the case here..

I think your key to success in this would be just keep on working harder, pushing yourself over the limit( do not overdo that,though)stick to that diet or even change your routine.

At starters, the friend I mentioned earlier couldn’t quite put a finger on what was wrong with him. But after a while he eventually came to the conclusion that he suffered from what I call “meeting the adaptation doom”.It is when your body kinda becomes FINALLY fully aware of what it will go through during the regular work out program. Since then all your efforts are in vain.

My advice would be to change your daily exercise plan and try and try something new.
Here’s(image attached) also one good set of abs work out plan.

Have a nice day!

I know very effective exercise for abs – “pocket knife”. Lay down on the rug and straighten up “in a string.” It is necessary to raise your arms and legs at the same time, necessarily keeping an eye on the coordination, so that your knees can reach the chest. Try to kind of simulate the action of a pocket knife: to form and to decompose. This exercise affects the lower and upper muscles of the abs.

Hi there!

Here I have something for you. That’s  5 the most successful workouts ever. For this training you only need an exercise mat and the right motivation!If you consistently stick to the plan we have proposed, you will see the first results after 2-3 weeks. To notice the effects, it is necessary to go on a proper diet for a flat stomach, which will accelerate the process of burning fat from this part of the body.

So here we go:

  1. raising their legs up
  2. slanting skewers
  3. traditional crunches
  4. oblique crutches with a load
  5. mountain climbing

Repeat about 3 times. 15 second for every exercise.

Stay fit!

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