How to lose weight fast and easy with the japanese morning banana diet? can bananas help you lose weight?

Hello! I am here again to ask you some more questions. Well, maybe you know some other diets that Japanese use to lose weight? I was surfing the internet and saw this new morning banana diet. And I started to google it, getting some more information. Have you heard about this diet? If it so, tell me about it. Why is it so useful? How can bananas help you lose weight? How should my ration look like during this diet?  And how much should I eat them for a day? Thanks a lot!

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Hello, Alina! This Japanese banana diet for weight loss is super easy and probably one of the cheapest ones. If you are too lazy to live in the constant calories control or simply despise the extreme dieting lifestyle, The Morning Banana Diet is just for you. Depending onf your level of obesity you may lose 10 to 20 kilograms by following the diet.

The plan is simple. A banana for breakfast (or two if you prefer, not a big sin!) and your usual lunch and dinner. Try not to eat after 8 pm. The best time for your dinner is 6 pm. You are allowed to eat everything you like. Never overeat.
I like the diet a lot, it is more like a long-term lifestyle or healthy habit for me. Definitely, recommend.
Good luck! Hope to hear from you soon!

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