How to lose weight fast? Please help to find the beat rice diet!

Good day everyone, my name is Wendy and I am 24. My problem is that I need to lose some weight so I could fit perfectly in my swimming suit. I don’t want any extreme or dangerous diets, I want the healthy one. I have heard that it is possible to lose weight on rice and it won’t come back. What can you say, is it true? If yes, I would like to get some samples of this diet, what can I eat on it and the duration of it, of course? Looking forward to your answers and thanks to you very much.

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Hello, Wendy! It is almost winter here but your idea of fitting into a swimming suit is so romantic and makes me dream of escaping to some warm place on our planet. 😉 We should try to keep fit, no matter what season is right now, I believe the rice diet will help you. It is definitely one of the healthiest ways to lose weight fast!
The menu is all about healthy carbs. Of course, apart from rice, you are allowed to eat some other food – fruits, vegetables, cottage cheese, milk, greek yogurt, bread, pasta etc. After you reach some goal in weight, fish and meat are introduced to the menu.

A typical rice diet breakfast at first is some yogurt, one portion of starch and a fruit. Lunch and dinner are the same – three portions of starches, three vegetables and a fruit for dessert. The menu might not give you enough energies but it really works and you will see the first results in losing weight very soon. Have a nice day, Wendy! Good luck! P.S. I advise you to find the famous book “The Rice Diet Solution”, it is very inspiring, informative and really helpful.

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