What is the mono diet for weight loss?

Hello, I am Medina and sorry for bothering you with so many questions but I still have some. I have been recommended a mono diet by my fitness trainer and it sounds interesting to me. Actually, I want to get more information about it because I am totally new to this diet – why is it called mono. I need more details. I have prepared some questions.
What can I eat during the mono diet? Why is it so called? What do I have to avoid? How much can I eat in one food intake? How many ingestions do I need to have per day? How many calories, fats and carbs should I consume to lose weight?

Does the mono diet safely reduces pounds from your body? Can it bring any harm to health? How long can I be stuck to this diet?
Do I need any extra exercises to do to burn excess fat quickly? Does the mono diet has any prohibitions? Or everybody can stick to it? What tips do I need to follow to get rid of my surplus weight?
Thanks for your answers!

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Hi Medina! Mono diet is very popular, nothing surprising considering its name. Can you eat one food for a while to lose weight? So mono diet is right for you. What product will you choose? Bananas? Buckwheat? Well, it`s not that simple. On the mono diet, you can have only fruit for breakfast, only proteins for lunch and veggies for dinner. You can also dring only smoothies three times a day for a week. Challenging? My best friend has just lost 5 kilograms after this diet. She says it`s not that difficult to follow, maybe during the first day. Yet, nutrition experts warn that our metabolism may get worse after eating highly unbalances meal for a long time. I do not know, mono diet sounds tempting for me but I feel it`s wrong. Fast results at first and gaining weight later are not for me. What do you think?

Tania Kharkevich

Tania Kharkevich

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