How to make dietetic and healthy hot chocolate during the swiss miss diet?

Hello everybody, my name is Medina, and I am looking for some help here. I am practising currently swiss miss diet, and I wanted to know how much caffeine is there in one portion of hot chocolate from this diet? If it is possible, can you compare it to the one piece of coffee, black tea and green tea?
And also one question – how to make diet hot chocolate properly? I know that it must be healthy and so on but I also want it to be tasty. Maybe you know some healthy additives like nuts or cinnamon? How many calories does the hot chocolate, coffee and tea have?
What dietetic additives can you suggest for a coffee while swiss miss dieting?
Looking forward to your answers and thank you!

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What an interesting question, Medina. How is your diet going on? I did a bit of caffeine investigation and you know what? It depends on the way you cook it. Do you like big Starbuck`s hot chocolate? 470 ml of this heavenly tasty drink has 25 mg of caffeine. What makes our hot chocolate more appropriate for a swiss miss diet? Right, the cocoa mix. 175 ml mug has only 5 mg of caffeine.  There even exists ready to drink chocolate milk. Never found it though in my supermarket. Have a nice day!

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