How to make healthy dinner for everyday? How much time will I need?


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Hello everyone, this is my last question for today, honestly. My name is Medina, and I want to ask you one simple general question – recipes for a healthy dinner.

Before asking here, I have surfed on the internet for nearly two hours, and I have found that there is no general opinion about healthy meals! Many people recommend to avoid it at all, some of them – to eat soup and drink tea or coffee and the last part of people – to eat salads and some meat or fish. I don’t know what to choose – can you please help me with this situation?

And advice me how to make a weekly health menu. Thank you!

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    Many people think that a healthy diet is only for those, who want to lose weight. It’s not true – every person should eat correctly to be healthful and feel well. Anyway, boiled broccoli is on the mind when you note about a healthy diet.

    I will try to convince all readers in the opposite.

    Proper nutrition may be not boring. It means consuming a lot of healthy products, maintenance of diet, right using of ingredients dependently on time of day, and regular physical activity too. But it can be delicious and variedly.

    For instance, I follow such a menu (of course changing and alternating most products) :


    An oatmeal with fruits / an omelette with cheese and greens /2 hot sandwiches with cheese, tomatoes and lettuce (on dark bread)  / pancakes made of grey flour with fruits/ rice with raisins.


    Yoghurt/ milk cocktail with banana/ salad of tomatoes and feta cheese/ kefir/ sandwich with cheese, lettuce and tomato.

    2 Lunch:

    Fish soup/ beef with buckwheat/ pasta with meat and vegetables (with olive oil, lean meat)/ rice with chicken and vegetables (two last stew in a frying pan)/ baked potato.


    Fruits/ cottage cheese with fruits/ yoghurt with fruits.


    Baked chicken fillet, a salad of vegetables, a little of brown rice/ stewed fish with salad ( you can have a side dishes: pearl barley, millet porridge) / chicken with asparagus / an omelette with cheese/ vegetable in sour creme and vegetable with olive oil.

    Bon Appetit!

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