How to make healthy mashed potatoes recipe?

Hello there! I am here again for some cool healthy recipes from you, guys. My boyfriend is in love with potato dishes. It’s like he can eat it all day and all night long and never stop. But his most favourite dish is mashed potatoes. I know that it’s not a healthy food at all, but you know, it’s always a pleasure to make his favourite dish. That’s why I decided to make it even better and look for some healthy mashed potato recipes. Do you know any? What will make this dish healthier? Should I add some milk or not? And what are your tips for cooking the potato? Thank you for your active comments!

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  1. Hello there! Love mashed potatoes? Hope you do not mind the garlic as an ingredient. It makes the dish special. Prepare potatoes and boil them together with 4 cloves of garlic. When potatoes are ready, drain and mash them. Add some butter or its analog and salt. Keep stirring until the dish is warm. I love adding some green chopped onions or other fresh herbs. The flavor becomes richer and you are getting more vitamins too. To make your mashed potatoes dish less caloric replace butter to greek yogurt, most likely you won`t notice the difference. Have a nice day!  
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