How to make healthy potato salad? Isn’t potato forbidden during diet?

So, this is my last question for today and it is connected again with vegetables, as previous one. Now it is about potatoes, one of my the most favourite vegetable in the world.I dn’t know, I can eat different sorts and forms of potatoes and i can’t dislike them. As i am moving to new and healthy life, I need to do something with my potatomania – actually,  I want to add it to my salads, to healthy salads so I will eat potato and it won’t hurt very much my die. Any ideas or recipes? Looking forward to your answers and thanks for help!

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Hi, Mary! I am very thankful to you for this question. First of all, because the potato is a perfect vegetable with which you can cook whatever you want. Even salad, which is full of vitamines. Of course, as in every diet, you should have some restrictions. You can eat potato, but not in large quantities and not fried. For instance, you can try puree from potato or potatoes cooked in boiling water. Even steamed potatoes are tasty. It’s interesting that there are special potato diets. What is more, if simply potato seems very unhealthy for you, try another type of potato. Yes, I am writing about sweet potato. This vegetable is much healthier and even looks better. What is interesting, NASA chooses it as one of the provisions for space travel.

So, here I leave for your recipe for a potato salad. If you want, you can try to make it with sweet potato.

For the potato salad you need:

-Potato/sweet potato (3)
-Colorful paper (1)
-Radishes (4)
-Carrots (1)
-Boiled eggs (2)

All of the ingredients previously should be cooked and after this cut into cubs.
Once you have all things cut, try to add some dressing:

-Olive oil (1 tbsp)
-Sea salt (just a little)
-Paper (also a little)
-Lemon for taste

You need to mix it all very well. And just after all these steps, you will have a flavorful and healthy salad.

Bon Appetit!

Hello, Mary. 

I also like potato very much, so I can tell you some recipes.

First of all, steamed potato is very healthy, you can eat it with boiled chicken, for example. You can also make a pure, it’s also delicious. 

Talking about potato salads, there are really many different recipes. I will tell you the one I like the most. It is salad with roasted potato, kale, feta and avocado. It is very healthy, gluten free and vegetarian. You can add chicken meat if you want.

Hello and thank you very much for your answer!

You know, i have also read that potatoes can harm your diet and they are forbidden due to this situation but no – as some users have already mentioned, potatoes aren't dangerous for your diet, just don't be nuts about it, do you understand? Also dion't fry it and everything will be okay.

So, you need some recipes of potato salads? I can recommend you some. For example, i have my own recipe – boil some potatoes, cut them in cubes, add tomatoes and cucumbers, also add cabbage, salt and pepper and pour it with salad dressing, made of cream. Hope you like it!

Hi there! I understand your love to potatoes I’m fond of it too. And I don’t think that potato is forbidden while you are on a diet. You just have to be careful with the amount of this salad. There are a lot of low-calorie potato salads. The recipe I like is the following:- 2 pounds of any potatoes you like
– ¼ cup chopped mint
– 4 sliced scallions
– a bit of lemon juice and pepper
– 3 tbsp of extra-virgin olive oil
Cut the boiled potatoes into pieces. Mix olive oil, lemon juice, pepper and salt. Add potatoes, mint, scallions. Toss everything gently and the salad is ready. Simple, fast and healthy. Enjoy!

Hi Mary! Oh, I can totally understand your love for potato.I can eat it everyday and that not seems to be boring. However, I know that this is rather unhealthy. You know, my favourite dish of all is mashed potatoes with coconut or any other plant milk. You can also add some vegetables, seasonings and pieces of boiled chicken breast.  What about salads, I love doing one with boiled potatoes, carrot, eggs, granatum and parsley. You can also add boiled stripped  chicken breasts if you like. This one is a good choise for your New Year’s Eve  menu or  even for your everyday menu. Hope, that I helped you. Stay healthy!

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