How to make quickly healthy flapjacks?


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Good day, every specialist on this website, my name is Medina, and I am struggling with eating sweets during my healthy diet. I can’t entirely avoid or replace them – I like everything sweet too much. So, I decided to eat sweets, but a good one XD. I think that there is nothing wrong if I eat one sweet dish per week, don’t you think so? That’s why I am here – I need some recipes of flapjacks (sweet tray-baked oat bar made from rolled oats, butter, brown sugar and golden syrup.). What can you recommend me to avoid and what to add to make it more healthy? Thanks!

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    Hello there, Medina!

    I am glad you asked such question! So, to give you a proper answer, here is what I have come up with:

    Firstly, I would definitely recommend you to try vegan flapjacks. I have heard they are the best ones when it comes to healthy eating!

    In addition, I suggest you try adding some honey,nuts and dry fruits to your healthy bars. Do not forget about various spices like cinnamon or vanilla extract etc. You can add some coconut shaving as well.

    In case you forgot, try to avoid adding sugar or any sweetener. But I guess you won’t have any problems with this.

    Anyways, the good amount of different delicious  recipes could be found on YouTube. I suggest you try watching Karlie Kloss’s channel (called “Klossy”). It is actually my favourite one, because you can literally find any interesting cooking recipes to try and they are low calories as well (which is a big plus, if you ask me).

    I hope you will like my answer 🙂

    Have a nice day!!





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