How to properly pump up the oblique muscles for woman?

Hello, I’m Ann. Is it ok that I want to go to the gym, but the next day after each training I have a lot of pain in the muscle group that I trained the day before?

I understand that this is normal with increasing weight or adding new exercises, but the problem is that my muscles ache even if the training is old. Is it normal?

I wish to pump up the oblique muscles. But it is difficult for me to do this. Please, give me some advice on how to do such workouts? Thanks.

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The pumped-up abs allow you not only to have a beautiful appearance but also to significantly strengthen your muscular skeleton, which includes the muscles of the abs and your back. The abs represent several groups of the muscles. The most noticeable of them is the rectus muscle. If you train it, you can make the desired cubes or flat and elastic abs to appear.

Also, the external and internal oblique muscles form your abs. To strengthen them, you need to perform cross movements with your body and legs. Exercises for the oblique muscles of the abs can be done both at home and in the gym. There are different loads for men and women. It is easier to do in the gym because there you will have access to individual rollers, which can help you to fix the legs. As a result, loads will only affect your oblique muscles and will not scatter over your legs.

Exercises for the oblique muscles of the abs can divide into different types and degrees of gravity. However, ones of the most optimal and universal, we can name the following exercises. First of all, you should fix your legs on a width of your shoulders. Place your hands on the back of your head; your knees should place above the ankle joints. Then you need to try straightening the upper part of your body and perform a slight lunge forward. Bending your body to the left and right is necessary. While doing these movements, you should completely fix your body; it can exclude the possibility of a backward inclination and turnings.

If you are a beginner, then these exercises need to be done in three sets, eight repetitions in each. If you are a trained athlete, then you should perform from 15 to 25 movements in 4 games. One more exercise. Lie on the rug on one of your sides. Keep your legs together, while your forearms place on the floor. Then strain the muscles maximally in the abs and your back, while trying to tear away your pelvis from the floor. As a result, you will form a straight line. Hold yourself in this position for 20 seconds. After that, return to the initial position. These exercises should be performed 15 times on one side and then on the other hand.

Hey, Ann. I train for a long time, and I can give you some tips on how to prepare your oblique muscles.
You can’t do all of the exercises for the abs and to pump up your obliques. You should training for dealing with them.
It will be better if you can do your training in the gym, but there are exercises which you can do even at home. For example, bicycle crunches, side bends with dumbbells, oblique crunches, heel touches, triangle and side crunches, side plank hip lifts and waist slimmer squats.
You should start your training with warming-up. And finish the workout with stretching and don’t forget about breathing while you are doing the exercises.

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