How to pump the abs up in a week – twisting with turns ?

Hello, I’m Sindy. I start to make me more beautiful. I have made significant progress at my fitness exercises. I have resulted in pumping up legs, hands, abs and other parts. If you want I can give you some advice on how to do this at home. But now, say me effective exercises for abs twisting with turns. Thanks.

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It is a very effective exercise on the muscles of abs. Lay down on the rug, bend your knees in a ninety degrees angle, towards a plane of the floor. Perform the common twisting while trying to touch the elbow of the opposite leg, for example, the elbow of the right hand to your right knee. This exercise is very effective on the muscles of the upper abs.

Hey, Sindy. I read a lot about the fitness industry, and I think I know precisely how to help you.
Doing twisting with turns will help you to pump up the upper muscles of your abs. To perform this exercise, you need to lay down on a rug, bend your legs at 90 degrees, lift your head a little and put the hands behind your head. Then try to lean with your right elbow to the left knee. Then do it vice versa. This exercise is necessary and it means, that it is suitable for beginners. Also, it doesn’t need some specialised equipment and you can perform it at your home.

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