How to pump up your legs fast at home for woman?

Hello, I’m Ann. I start to do fitness, and I want to know how to pump up legs fast. I’m going to go on vacation with my friends and as we all know that every girl wants to look better than another. I also do not want to stay in a row of girls who are afraid to undress on the beach.

I want to look best of all on the beach in my new bikini. So maybe someone knows effective exercises and says how to do them? Thanks.

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At that time I was only fourteen years old. The only exercise I did on my legs at the moment was sit-ups.

On the first day, I did 100 sit-ups, it was very hard but it still wasn’t my limit. After resting one day I did 200 sit-ups, then again 200 and after that, I did 250 squats. Next, I performed exercises on my feet from one to three times in a week, increasing the number by 50 or 100 or repeating my previous record. At that time, the most important thing I decided for myself in doing all these legs exercises at home was to never reduce the number of squats. And this was the right decision, although it was very difficult.

Often I felt lazy, but despite it, I still was able to find the strength and do squats, the desire to pump up the legs and increase the jump was too strong. Music and animated series helped me because I constantly watched them while doing sit-ups. It distracted me from the pain in my legs. So, while doing a workout you can watch a movie, a serial or listen to music in order to distract yourself from squats in some way.

In total, this feet exercise at home I did for somewhere about 1.5-2 months. Then I stopped. The reason behind it was that after a while this exercise became too long for me, my laziness became more and more powerful. So like that I already did 1000 squads in a month, agree, it is not a small number! Do 1000 squats in a row may seem impossible, but it’s not. I personally managed to overcome the milestone in 1000 squats, and it was still far away from the limit. Although I had a great desire to pump up my legs and not to stop doing squats, I did not succeed in doing the second one. After another two or three weeks, I reached the milestone of 1200 sit-ups without any stops in execution. This took me around 35 minutes even considering the fact that I was crouching at a fairly fast pace.

The most important thing in pumping your legs at home and in the gym – willpower and desire. So while doing 1200 sit-ups my legs started to hurt at 300 times already and the same pain continued until the end. So those people who can pump their legs, in addition to their pumped legs, will increase their amount of the willpower because without it nothing would never come of it.

Hey, Ann!
First of all, you need to “clean” your diet. Get rid of all the junk food and eat more of the healthy ones. Drink a lot of water. Sleep more. All of it will help you to lose some fat from your legs, and now you are ready to pump up the muscles.
If you train at home and you don’t have money to buy specialised equipment – you can always stay with basic exercises, such as lunges, squats and wall sit. They are instrumental because they will involve in the process all of the muscles of your legs. You don’t have to set a particular number of repetitions – perform them until you feel the burning sensation.

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