How do you combine diet with cardio for weight loss?

Hello. I want to get fit, so I need to start a diet and a fitness plan. As I am a novice in sport and I am not aware of all the nuances, I would like to ask you for help. I do not intend to do strength training, weight training, lifting weights and building muscle. As my goal is to lose weight and burn more calories. So I decided to do a cardio workout with high intensity intervals for fat loss.

I think that 30 minutes cardio exercise is perfect for weight loss. High intensity interval training can be used in any type of cardio, can’t it? My questions also include a number of calories I can burn with the help of cardio for weight loss. And what amount of time of training do I need while keeping to a diet? As I’m a beginner, I’d like to ask you simple but essential for me questions.

First of all, where should I begin? What diet and exercises will be the best for a starter? What is more important, I know that diet and cardiovascular system are closely related to each other, so it is easy to harm your organism. How should I choose food in order not to hurt cardio fitness? I’m looking forward to your advice. Thanks!

cardio for weight loss

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Hello dear! You certainly need cardio-friendly food. No exhaustive diets. After each workout, your body will starve for energy replenishment.  We all need carbohydrates as the main source of energy. It`s good that you`ve started cardiovascular training, it will change your body soon but mind that more daily carbs to fuel your workouts are necessary. Carbs are not formed in the same way. Grains, nutrient-rich vegetables, fruit, and sweets contain carbohydrate. Sweets are nothing but empty calories, as you know. A bit different is dairy and legumes which are the source of both carbohydrate and protein for restoring muscles. Choose the most useful carbs, not empty ones but with protein, fiber, vitamins, and antioxidants.

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