How to start doing fitness properly?

Hello, I’m Ann. I have been doing fitness for two months, but I haven’t any results. At me such task: the goal is to make more beautiful body proportions, tighten the body, raise the buttocks, and make it elastic. The top is now thin, arms, shoulders and legs are small and the thighs are large compared to the legs. Probably need to swing the back of the thigh.

Now I have rebuilt my diet, a protein diet, about 1800 kcal. I’ve never practised sports in my life, even at school, pushing hard from my knees, I can not hold the bar for more than 15 seconds, the waist and the press do not hold at all. Give me some advice about how to do fitness properly?

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A lot of people that are trying to look perfect, often have a problem with their appearance, after they decide to get the help of fitness: where they should start? If you choose to strengthen the body with this particular sport, then you need to take into account that you will need to have additional knowledge and equipment, because the rejection of it in the training process can bring you a lot of calluses and blisters, and even stretch marks or injuries. You need to agree, results like that can permanently turn you away from your desire to keep improving!

Fitness trainers on the topic of “where to start?” always advise to start with simple exercises, their complexity should increase gradually. Those people, who recently had severe illnesses, are encouraged to consult a doctor before beginning workouts. Doing the proper exercises can help you to recover from a lot of diseases, but the load should not harm your body. Sportswear that you use should be exceptionally comfortable and friendly to the environment. To ensure safety, you need to use additional equipment if it is necessary. You should choose the complex of exercises which is performed more often and with pleasure, or, at least – without a disgust. You can also try to mix different types of activities to achieve the quickest results because you will use different muscle groups. Do not expect an immediate effect. It can take months before you will see the first results of your training. The visible results usually appear in about eight to ten weeks. When you begin your training, let your body get used to these exercises.

In the first four weeks, the primary emphasis should stay on warming up your muscles, stretching them, and doing aerobic exercises. Gradually increase the productivity. Loads need to be increased alternately after two weeks. The body will start to adapt to the activities, which asks you to start new techniques that will help you to achieve better results. You need to increase the duration of your training steadily, but it should do gradually. And of course, any effect requires some support. Continuous training will help you to achieve an excellent fit body in six months. But you should not stop on that. And everything will turn out eventually!

Hello, Ann. To start doing fitness, you should stick to the exercises for beginners. It can include some exercises like squats, push-ups, lunges, different planks, jumping jacks and jumps. Beginners usually have a hard time while trying to do 50 squats daily. You shouldn’t harm your body in any case. You may decide to do workouts three to four times a week because your body needs to get rest after your training. Eat two hours before performing the exercises – it gives you energy and the power do your practice.

Hello! This is the really important question. Thank you for this. First of all, remember, that all we are individuals and have different parts of a body to train. So choose the best training for your body. Fitness classes can be an ideal solution for beginners and a great complement and variety of training for experienced battle-makers. You just need to be aware of all the good and weaknesses of such a solution. Fitness classes can be a great way to start training. The group has more motivation, and the instructor will plan your training and you will not have to worry: “But what should I do at this gym?”.

So you should test different fitness exercises and choose which one is the best for you. When you have such understanding make a week plan of exercises. Fitness classes are a great solution, but at some stage, they are not enough. However, if we approach them with their heads, they can always be very helpful, even when we have a very precisely arranged training plan.

Hope, that I have helped you. Stay fit and healthy!

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